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Frank’s Zoo

Posted by admin On 26 - August - 2014 0 Kommentar

The two hedgehogs won! You ask, „How could that happen?“ It all started with a stately lion, who was chased away by an elephant. The single elephant naturally yielded to the pair of elephants. It didn’t matter that one of those elephants actually was a mosquito.
Then two mice came along and scared the elephants away. Finally, the two hedgehogs came and bested the mice. A pair of foxes could have won, but they stayed away and left the victory to the hedgehogs. If you are not yet a believer, play and see for yourself!
The ultimate animal fun, a quick card game with changing partners. Easy to learn but not without some strategic decisions.
Frank’s Zoo was nominated candidate for Game of the Year and taken more awards
Frank’s Zoo is available in English, German, Chinese and in Dutch, Tschech, Polish. The name of the German edition is „Zoff im Zoo“.
We have annual tournament in Erlangen our home town.
What is this Mosquito Elephant thing?
Hmm, this might be a bid hard for you English speaking people, since you are more used of making a mountain out of a molehill than making an elephant out of a mosquito as we do in German. We learned that in Poland it is making a pitchfork out of a nail . I really wonder if all languages have it so similar and what we can learn from the differences.

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